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Project Description
DeployX is a REST-based Web Service and is installed as a deployment agent into all servers that need to be updated with new versions of software products.

DeployX service has two main REST operations:
- DeployX\Products:
The Products operation supports functionality to show all the products that are installed (XML format), can install MSI package and can also uninstall MSI package into one specific target server. Products is created to be used with only one single target server node.
- DeployX\Group:
The Group operation supports functionality to show all target servers that are part of a group, it can add a server to a group and delete a server from a group. Group operation also supports the installation of MSI package and the uninstallation of MSI package into a group of target servers. Group has a Ping functionality to check whether servers can communicate with each other.

Since DeployX is a REST service and returns XML encoded data, this service can be integrated into almost every existing system.
The main purpose of creating the DeployX was to use the service in order to automatically deploy MSI package from Team Foundation Server. A TFS build is integrated by sending the MSI package through HTTP POST "UploadFile" to the DeployX service URI. This can be done directly to one single target server or to a group of target servers.

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